Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wanting the Best Start for my Child

So this is going to be interesting. I am due in nine days exactly and I am wondering about parenting styles and my child and all of that. I am also curious to see what sign he ends up being: Sagittarius or Capricorn. He is due on Christmas, so it can go either way. I will love him regardless, but energetically it will be different! Like I said, this is going to be very interesting!

But what I think I am mostly excited about is raising a child in way that allows for him to grow up free and without unnecessary interventions. Now this is probably going to sound stereotypical "hippie" to some, but I do believe there is something important about returning back to our original naturalistic lifestyles. While I believe in the conventions of modern technology, it is not without specific ramifications. While I understand the convenience and "entertainment" of having a television, I also feel like it has played a part in the decreased intelligence of our youth; it also is full of political and societal propaganda, especially when it comes to advertising. I have to say, first and foremost, I am not judging anyone. If you chose to participate in these things then that is your personal choice, I just know what we will not be participating in within our home.

I want to raise a child who is spiritually conscious. I want to raise my child free of societal pressures and socialization. While I understand a degree of socialization is necessary to order to survive and that I cannot keep my children locked in a bubble for the duration of his life, BUT I can give him a start that most, including myself did not have.

It is interesting, I was raised in a strict Christian household --- No Halloween. No Santa Claus. No Easter Bunny. Limited soda and "junk" food. No more than 1 hr of TV a get the point. I hated that growing up because I associated it with my parents being strict. But my parents put me in dance, sports, art and computer classes, girl scouts (etc...), so I never felt completely ostracized from society. In fact now that I am an adult I am grateful that my mother reared me in a such a way. I read many books, something I do not see children doing today. I was able to develop my intellectual side and latent psychic abilities because I had a great deal of alone and quiet time. Here I am following my mother's footsteps, minus the whole Christianity thing, and I understand why she did it. She wanted me to be well rounded and well versed.

I want my son to participate in music and art classes. I want him to be able to unplug and develop his spiritual capabilities; he doesn't need society influencing him to be lost and confused. I want him to be a capable and open person. I want him to be an open-minded individual that doesn't go with normal. He will be educated and well informed of his human rights.

I want to provide him a proper start in life by focusing on his physical health. I will breastfeed for as long I am able to produce milk because I feel like that is nature's liquid gold (he doesn't need to start off with lifelong allergies because of early milk and soy exposure). He will definitely eat mostly fruits and vegetables for the first years of his life. Once again I want him to establish patterns of health that he can appreciate and carry with him throughout his life.

I believe in psychic children and this new generation that is incarnating here need to be born free, for that is how they will be able to access their latent abilities. These abilities are latent to us because we have become disconnected to them due to unhealthy living, socialization, and the influence of the media. Don't ignore the spiritual things your children say to you and the questions they ask. They chose you as parents to guide them properly. These souls are new and unexposed, they must be allowed to be kept pure for as long as possible.

For this reason is why I am choosing to have a water birth in a birth center. I want to create the most peaceful experience for his soul. Being born is traumatic enough, he doesn't need to be treated like a lab rat after he "lands" here with all the unnecessary medical "innovations". I want him to feel welcomed, calm, peaceful, and safe. Welcome soul, we are glad you are here. ;-)

It is refreshing to be in a relationship with someone who supports and agrees with these points, even if we don't go to the same extremes with it. We just want our son to have the proper start in life, something many of us didn't get. I'm not talking about having economic support, but emotional and spiritual support.

We forget we are spiritual beings have a human experience, but our little ones know and understand this. I want to foster a sense of comfort for my son for as long as possible, so when he does get into the world, he won't feel so lost and confused. He will have sound body, mind, and spirit.

Once again, no judgment to anyone who doesn't agree or do the same things, but I know what I want for MY child.

Thank you everyone.

Peace, love, and light.

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  1. You are going to be an excellent Mother! You already are!